Ukraine West Coast employment tour is in full swing – News Release

A week-long employment tour to western Newfoundland by a group of 50 skilled Ukrainian newcomers seeking full-time, year-round employment is well underway. A partnership between the provincial government, New Canadians Association and TaskForceNL, this tour is a novel approach to exposing talented newcomers to employment and lifestyle opportunities outside of the Northeast Avalon region.

The tour began yesterday (Monday, March 27) with a job fair hosted by Minister of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills Jerry Byrne at the Corner Brook Civic Center. The job fair was attended by 29 employers from sectors such as construction, hospitality, forestry, fishing, healthcare, retail, finance and food services.

Tour destinations include major employers and industries in western Newfoundland, including:

  • The University of the North Atlantic is headquartered in Stephenville and has a campus in Corner Brook.
  • Memorial University Grenfell Campus.
  • Steady Brook, Corner Brook, and Deer Lake tourist destinations.
  • Corner Brook Pulp and Paper.
  • Cormac’s farm.
  • Western Health Long Term Care Facility.
  • Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture Wheelers Road location.and
  • Nomad Stages Dance Studio in Stephenville.

Job fairs for Ukrainians will also be held in Deer Lake (Wednesday, March 29) and Stephenville (Thursday, March 30). Employers who would like to have a booth at any of the remaining job fairs can register by emailing or calling 709-634-2656. Interested employers can view the skill sets of these candidates in Backgrounder.

Ukrainians have already settled in 39 communities across Newfoundland and Labrador, and this initiative could double the number of Ukrainians living and working on the West Coast. The state government is considering implementing similar employment tours to other parts of the state throughout 2023.

“This tour shows that skilled Ukrainian newcomers can live a prosperous life on the West Coast and has the potential to serve as a model for successful settlement in other parts of the state. It is a credit to the many local governments and employers who have extended their arms to embrace the enormous economic and social value it brings to our communities.”
His Highness Jerry Byrne
Minister for Immigration, Population Growth and Skills

“Over the past year, the New Canadians Association has worked closely with the provincial government to resettle more than 2,400 newly arrived Ukrainians. We are thrilled to collaborate on this important initiative that showcases the incredible opportunities that await those who choose to live and work on the West Coast.”
megan morris
Executive Director of the New Canadians Association

“This initiative will bring more diversity to the region, attract other newcomers, and boost the local economy. This could be a new model for embracing multiculturalism in our state.” At TaskforceNL, we strive to implement big ideas, and we’re proud to partner on this effort.”
Constanza Safatre
TaskForceNL Executive Director

“The Ukrainians we hired have skill sets that are difficult to find in our state and have experience working on commercial farms. These skilled recruits will be off to a flying start. We strongly encourage fellow Western business owners to consider the benefits that Ukrainian talent can bring to their businesses.”
ian richardson
Larch Grove Farm Owner

“Grinmill Inn has hired a talented Ukrainian baker who will be a great addition to our kitchen team. Many Ukrainians have backgrounds in service or sales, and these newcomers This has been a boon to our hotel and the entire western hospitality industry.”
connie rose

The Grimmill Inn General Manager


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Ukrainian newcomers arrive for a week-long employment tour to western Newfoundland (March 27, 2023).


Ukraine West Coast Employment Tour: Resume Overview

Experience and skills by industry

ocean economy

third engineer able sailor third officer
fish harvester ordinary sailor second officer
third officer Sailor – Merchant Navy stevedore
Marine course instructor


barista cleaner Security guard
Waiter Cook sous chef
masseuse hairdresser customer service
Technical support (communications) reception translator
brew master retail manager baker
table tennis coach


management sale economist
marketing HR recruiter accountant
bookkeeper financial analyst Purchasing manager
Account Manager (Agriculture) web master e-commerce manager
Project manager real estate agent

trade, construction, engineering

plumber Welder carpenter
energy system engineer fiber optic technician forklift operator
boiler operator Worker air conditioning equipment engineer
quality assurance specialist bricklayer architect
pipe fitter Firefighter general contractor
handyman electrician tile installer
construction manager

manufacturing and logistics

front loader driver commercial driver assembly worker
cargo transportation machine operator warehouse manager

health care

administrative assistant pharmacy technician


  • Master’s degree in Thermal and Power Engineering
  • Master’s degree in International Economic Relations
  • Diploma in Construction Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Business Economics
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Master’s degree in Commodity Science and Customs
  • General practice nurse
  • Bachelor of Philosophy
  • master’s degree in navigation
  • Master’s degree in Overseas Economic Activity Management
  • master’s degree in finance
  • master’s degree in psychology
  • diploma in massage therapy
  • Master of Business Administration (Human Resources)
  • Master’s Degree in Fire and Emergency Rescue Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Document Studies and Information Activities
  • Master’s degree in Foreign Economic Management
  • Diploma in Industrial and Civil Construction


  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • polishing
  • Russia
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Bulgarian
  • serbian
  • Hungarian

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