‘Thriving from chaos’: Mindset coach shares 7 tips for starting over | Life

  • Mindset development coach Jab Zwan shares how he restarted after a difficult period.
  • He remained in the United States for almost eight months in 2020. He had no job, no plan, and had no idea what was going to happen next.
  • He explains that when life becomes an adventure, you look forward to what’s to come and your life becomes filled with enthusiasm.
  • Here are seven tips to help you start over.

Start over if necessary

I remember packing my bags to leave for the United States on March 9, 2020, just a year after I remarried. I was planning to stay in America for a few months to explore the possibilities. I landed on March 11 just as then-President Donald Trump announced the coronavirus lockdown. Before I knew it, I was stranded in America for almost eight months. I had no job, no plan, and no idea what was going to happen. I learned a lot while in a foreign country during lockdown, and learned even more when I returned to South Africa.

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What does it mean to start over?

Starting over is not evidence of failure, but a conscious effort to continue living. It’s not a sign of wasted time, but rather a sign of a lesson learned from the mistake, no matter how it came about. It’s not evidence of weakness, but a brave expression of strength. The strength to face yourself and difficult situations head on. It takes courage to admit mistakes and embark on a humbling journey to implement the lessons learned.

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It’s a journey of courage that most people don’t dare take because it might mean going back to being a child and becoming curious about what’s possible. Curiosity is about directing your mind to explore your terrain as you travel through life, exploring it and turning it into an adventure. When our life becomes an adventure, we look forward to what’s to come and our life is filled with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm turns anxiety into positive energy and brings us back to life, especially after a traumatic event.

This is your opportunity to change the unhelpful habits you have adopted. It requires us to acknowledge our gaps as we grow and gently, sometimes brutally, forces us to have a more objective view of what we need to do. This is true humility, a more accurate judgment of who you are, what you need, who you need and where you need to go to become better.

Starting over is a sign of growth, and you need to adapt as you grow. It’s not necessarily a sign of regression or failure. Starting over means recognizing that continuing down a dangerous slope without a plan or ability to overcome a fall or deceleration can cause irreversible damage.

It is an expression of strength and will to emerge successful from the chaos of our lives. It may seem that way, but that doesn’t mean you’re accepting that you’ve ruined your life. There’s no shame in it, but most people will pity you and may even think you’re looking down on them for daring to try to fix your own mess.

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something that is not a redo

Starting over isn’t about catching up, it’s about recalibrating yourself to run the race of life better than before. It’s adjusting to your speed and rhythm to where you’re going. Great distance runners know how to adjust their speed and rhythm to suit their destination. Sometimes we run too hard, too fast, without a plan or strategy, just the excitement of winning. We make financial mistakes, choose the wrong partners, don’t pay attention to red flags along the way, and let adrenaline cloud our judgment. That’s what it means to be human. What is also human and forgiving is to pause, rethink, regroup, and do things in new ways based on lessons learned.

7 tips for starting over

1. Review and goal setting: Take some time to think about what you want from your new beginning, whether it’s a change in relationships, finances, or location. Set clear, achievable goals to guide your journey.

2. evaluate the relationship: Evaluate your current relationships and consider which ones are supportive and aligned with your goals. Be proactive in making the necessary changes to improve your social circle.

3. financial evaluation: Review your finances, create a budget, and set financial goals. If necessary, seek advice from a financial advisor to plan for a more stable future. You may need an accountability partner, especially if you know that financial discipline and intelligence aren’t your strengths.

Four. Geographic considerations: If a change of location is part of a fresh start, research areas that may align with your goals and preferences. Plan moving arrangements, if necessary. Find out the relevant information about moving and prepare. Don’t make the mistake of traveling without enough information about your destination. It can be costly.

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Five. skill development: Identify the skills you need for your new path and invest in acquiring them. This may include seeking online courses, workshops, or mentorship in your chosen field.Find free online courses

6. embrace change: Accept change as a natural part of starting over. Be open to adapting to new situations and learning from experiences.

7. Seek support: Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or professionals for support. Building a support network can provide valuable guidance and encouragement as you make a fresh start.

Starting over means pausing, rethinking, relearning, regrouping, and doing anew. Enjoy the adventure.

founder of Mindset Development Institute, Jab Zwan Since 2019, we have developed over 30 mindset models for critical thinking in personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, effective communication, and high performance.

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