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According to the 2023 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Amsterdam is a thriving hub of innovation, with around 4,000 startups employing 196,000 people.

The city is a major hub for venture capital-backed startups in the Netherlands, with 45% of all Dutch-funded ventures based there.

Several Amsterdam-based startups secured significant funding in September, highlighting the city’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to raising capital, these startups are actively growing their teams and hiring talent to fuel their expansion and innovation efforts.

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Here is a list of Amsterdam startups that raised funding in September. Some of them are also hiring.

Note: Certain details of these startups, including founder names and funding amounts, are sourced from: deal room.

pulse sports

Founder: Sivan Averkain, Nikolai Manchev

Founding year: 2021

Funding (September): Undisclosed seed round

PULSE leverages advanced sensors and AI technology to transform athlete health and performance management. Its innovative approach includes monitoring physical and mental health, team dynamics, and the environment.

The company provides personalized recommendations to athletes and sports organizations with the goal of improving performance, preventing injuries, and developing healthy athletes. We aim to revolutionize the monitoring and optimization of athlete health through technology and personalized support.

PULSE is currently a full-stack mobile application developer (co-founder) and

Business development intern. Please apply here.

Lepaya founders René Janssen and Peter Kuperus | Image credit: Lepaya


Founder: René Janssen, Peter Kupers

Founding year: 2018

Funding (September): 35 million euros

Lepaya was founded on the principle that strategic training drives productivity and business growth, and uses a combination of AI and human intelligence. Its platform provides employees with targeted skills and increases efficiency.

The company offers a comprehensive skills development program that combines soft and hard skills. Transform workplace learning and development by providing insights into learner behavior through real-time data analytics.

Lepaya has two internship openings. Check it out here.

coin kids

Founder: Natalie Bustamante

Founding year: 2023

Funding (September): Undisclosed angel round

CoinKids is dedicated to modernizing financial education for children in the digital age. It provides a platform for children to learn about the value of money and responsible spending through gamified financial education.

Through the CoinKids app, kids can manage their digital wallets, earn coins for household chores, and learn money management skills. Parents can reward their children and teach them how to use these digital coins, developing financial literacy from an early age.

The platform helps kids develop practical money management skills by connecting cryptocurrencies with real-world rewards. The digital coins that children earn can later be converted into real money, increasing their understanding of financial concepts.

get location
Image credit: Getplace.io


Founder: Denis Chernovaev, Sergey Sherbak

Founding year: 2023

Funding (September): Seed funding of 300,000 euros

Getplace.io is a service designed to help small businesses make informed decisions about the location of their physical stores.

By providing accurate data, the platform allows businesses to optimize their store placement strategies, ultimately leading to increased customer traffic and revenue. Making data-driven decisions about store locations is critical to business success and profitability.

To provide customers with the most comprehensive data, Getplace.io combines various data sets including pedestrian counts, vehicle traffic, demographics, financial insights, competition levels, and more.


Founder: Ron Sullivan, Ovidiu Radu

Founding year: 2015

Funding (September): Unpublished

OviDrive is a technology, services and consulting company focused on the fleet and mobility markets. We provide a global fleet and mobility ERP system that handles connected and disconnected data, allowing clients to control employee mobility costs and move from an asset-based cost model to a user-based cost model. Masu.

Clients can choose different levels of system engagement based on their needs. OviDrive’s consulting unit provides guidance for enterprise transformation projects.

After recent funding, the company is looking to hire a fleet manager.

Ernesto Diringuer, MYCB1 Group Founder and CEO | Image credit: LinkedIn (Ernesto Diringuer)


Founder: Ernesto Diringel

Founding year: 2017

Funding (September): 30.8 million euros

MYCB1 is a healthtech company that combines pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmacy operations, and software engineering to create personalized healthcare solutions.

Its platform, ALETTA, uses generative AI and real-world evidence to address the lack of scientific evidence and personalization in the healthcare and lifestyle industry.

Certified by regulatory bodies such as the European Medicines Agency, MYCB1 operates in the Dutch and German markets, has distribution agreements in Scandinavia, and has ongoing partnerships in Europe, Asia and Latin America to expand its global reach. is expanding.

If you would like to apply for this company, please click here.

scala sports

Founder: Leon Havekamp, ​​Bert van Monjou

Founding year: 2017

Funding (September): Unpublished

Scala Sports is a competitive platform for racquet sports, giving players the flexibility to participate in nearby competitions at their convenience. The platform is focused on accessibility and flexibility, allowing associations and clubs to host flexible competitions.

Currently serving approximately 70,000 players, Scala is used by the American and Dutch Tennis Associations and is active in approximately 10 cities.

The company is currently recruiting business development interns. Please click here for job details.


Founder: Rutger Beans, Sigibrand Thielemann

Founding year: 2022

Funding (September): Unpublished

Proba is a supply chain decarbonization platform that helps companies convert climate action into tradable carbon certificates. Compliant with international standards, these certificates can be sold to supply chain partners, generating revenue and reducing Scope 3 emissions.

The company simplifies stakeholder engagement, turns greenhouse gas reduction efforts into a valuable asset, and strengthens the business case for climate action.

tap electric
Dan Pezim and Nico Spoelstra, founders of Tap Electric. | Image credit: Tap Electric

tap electric

Founder: Niko Spoelstra, Dan Pezim

Founding year: 2020

Funding (September): 1 million euros

Tap Electric is dedicated to making car charging easy and affordable. Its platform is focused on user experience, seamless payments, and helping partners drive the energy transition.

The Tap Electric app and its companion app, Tapkey, are available in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK for both iOS and Android users, facilitating convenient and accessible charging solutions.

Image credit: Wappa


Founder: Thomas Bunnik, Evrian Lemmerz

Founding year: 2019

Funding (September): 4.7 million euros

Whoppah is a marketplace for used European design furniture and art. We connect consumers with professional sellers and offer a variety of modern and vintage items. We ensure safe transactions by thoroughly checking products before listing them.

With 1,000 professional sellers and a large user base, Whoppah is trusted by over 1 million users for quality used design products.

The company is hiring logistics planners and delivery agents.


Founder: Leonardo Piumi, Jeroen van Gorssel

Founding year: 2023

Funding (September): 100,000 euros

Shai is a creative SaaS company that builds collaboration tools for creatives based on generative AI.

Founders Jeroen and Leonardo were united by their passion for generative AI during a meeting at a startup incubator. Their shared passion led to the creation of her Shai in 2023, a venture he supported with a pre-seed investment from Antler VC.

Based on the guiding principle of “Made by creators, for creatives,” Shai uses AI to free creative minds from mundane tasks while preserving the core essence of human creativity. I started to focus on that.

Pal co-founders Nala Moripen and Aji Dost | Image credit: Pal


Founder: Nala Moripen, Aji Doost

Founding year: 2022

Funding (September): 300,000 euros

Pal is a purpose-built platform for home-based palliative care, providing comprehensive support for patients, families, and healthcare providers. Pal addresses key challenges in palliative care by focusing on daily care, symptom management and team collaboration.

The platform optimizes existing resources, improves quality of care, improves patient quality of life, and increases healthcare provider efficiency. Pal’s mission is to make palliative care more effective, accessible, and impactful for all involved.

After recent funding, the company is looking to expand its team. Check out the opportunities here.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the Amsterdam-based unicorn companies currently hiring.

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