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The number of startups in India has increased significantly from 2016 to 2022. From 471 companies in 2016 to 72,993 companies in 2022. The stepping stone to the next big entrepreneur requires some tough decisions. And often, all startups have is you.

The journey as an entrepreneur is not a simple one. Rather, founders need to wear multiple hats to market, sell, ideate, curate content, and raise funding. Today’s solopreneurs are being shaped to lead tomorrow’s businesses. And we need some help in the form of artificial intelligence.

Now, AI isn’t just limited to ChatGPT. It’s great for non-technical research and light reading, but solopreneurs need a lot more to succeed in starting a business. So, here are his 5 AI tools to help solopreneurs maximize their productivity and reach their ultimate goal: her IPO.

1. Postwise

Today, social media plays a huge role in the lives of entrepreneurs. People want to know the thoughts and views of successful entrepreneurs. Check out Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamith’s LinkedIn or Droom Instagram pages. The key is connecting with your audience. LinkedIn and X are ideal platforms to start your social media journey as a one-man army. Postwise is an AI tool for just that.

Available with a 5-day free trial, Postwise lets you choose a topic and create content, whether it’s a single tweet or a thread. Let’s say you want some content ideas about “The impact of AI on health data security.” The AI ​​creates six options for me to choose from. One of them is: “As the AI ​​environment grows exponentially, health data security is more important than ever/ Good data security is essential for the successful use of AI in healthcare/ Patients By leveraging their data, we can continue to reap the benefits of AI in healthcare. ”

2. Tome AI

“From your heart to theirs in fewer steps.” Launched in 2020, this AI tool allows solopreneurs to create crisp, beautiful presentations in minutes. Get 500 AI credits when you choose the Basic (free) plan. We offer templates for funding pitches, resumes, portfolios of work, event invitations, early-stage seed pitches, and more. The designs offered are dynamic and require minimal design changes. You’re sure to get what they want when it comes to presentation design.

3. Bubble

Want to create a website quickly but lack coding knowledge and budget? This platform not only lets you build your own apps, but also offers app development and builds for other services. No coding knowledge is required to get started with Bubble. It also understands what you’re thinking in your head, whether it’s a clear vision or a vague idea.

Choose your preferred spacing, font, size, and color and use Bubble to create simple, minimalistic, yet effective web pages for your startup.

4. Pixel cut

It’s a must try for a startup company with a product. Pixelcut allows you to upload a clicked product image with a plain white background and generate photos with different background scenes. Over 30 background options available including marble, beach, garden, walkway, trees, and more. A bonus is a magical eraser tool that does a nice and convincing job of removing anything from images.

5. Grasp

Founders need to stay up to date with what’s going on in general, especially in their industry. Glasp can help you with that. This extension turns web pages into personalized notebooks. You can easily highlight points and information that you think are relevant, or even add personal notes. Users who are active on X can also share these thoughtful inputs with their followers. You can also see like-minded peers who have highlighted the same work as you.

The best part? See all highlighted information and points in one place.

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