Here are Oklahoma’s largest employers in 2023, from top 10 to bottom.

Not surprisingly, the Department of Defense is Oklahoma’s largest employer, but there are some surprises, according to a new report from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

First, military and civilian employees at Tinker Air Force Base, Altus Air Force Base, Fort Sill in Lawton, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, and Vance Air Force Base in Enid top the 2023 list of Oklahoma’s largest employers. The company employs an estimated 55,000 to 56,000 people. , down from 69,000-70,000 in 2021.

John Chiappe, director of the Commerce Department’s Research and Economic Analysis Service, said the decline may be surprising, but it has to do with how the statistics are compiled. This is not an “apples to apples comparison” and a note will be added to the report after The Oklahoman asks about the decline, he said.

“Active military employment and other employment at the facility is not reported as regularly as other employers,” he said. “We have to make regular calls to get the numbers and compile them. And as people’s positions change within the facility, the way they interpret the questions may be different than in previous years.”

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Chiappe also said, “I don’t think basic training personnel were included, and I don’t think respondents included defense contractor employment, which is the same as in previous years.”

At the bottom of the list of Oklahoma’s largest employers (1,000 or more employees), there are 14 employers tied for 140th place with 1,000 to 1,100 employees. Each company was either unchanged from 2021 or had fewer than 1,000 employees at the time.

At the bottom of the list are Devon Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City Community College and national retailer Ross Dress for Less.

Between the top and bottom, Oklahoma State University’s main campus in Stillwater, with 7,200 to 7,300 employees, rounds out the top 10 at No. 7, and the University of Oklahoma’s main campus in Norman, with 6,400 to 6,500 employees. It was slightly out of rank. No. 11 has to do with Chickasaw Nation gaming and non-government business.

Oklahoma’s top 10 largest employers in 2023, according to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Below are the state’s top 10 employers and number of employees in 2023 compared to 2021.

1. Department of Defense

Number of employees in 2023: 55,000-56,000 (down from 69,000-70,000 in 2021).

In Oklahoma City, Tinker Air Force Base is Oklahoma’s largest single-site employer, with annual payroll of $1.8 billion in 2020 and an annual economic impact of $4.5 billion across the state, according to Greater Newspaper. It is said to have created secondary employment for 33,000 people. Oklahoma City Council.

2.Walmart Associates, Inc.

Number of employees in 2023: 37,500-38,500 (down from 38,500-39,500 in 2021).

This includes Walmart stores, Sam’s Club stores and distribution centers in Pauls Valley and Ocheleta near Bartlesville.

3. Amazon

Number of employees in 2023: 14,000-15,000 (up from 11,000-11,500 in 2021).

This includes fulfillment, internet/data services, and Whole Foods Market locations. Amazon has nine warehouse operations in Oklahoma, five of which are in OKC.

4. Entegris Health Co., Ltd.

Number of employees in 2023: 11,400-11,500 (up from 9,600-9,700 in 2021).

Entegris, the state’s largest nonprofit organization, owns numerous hospitals, including its flagship facility, Integris Baptist Medical Center, in Oklahoma City.

5th place: Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (tie)

Number of employees in 2023: 8,200-8,300 (up from 7,700-7,800 in 2021).

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Hobby Lobby’s warehouse distribution campus is located at SW 44 and Sa Council Road and includes approximately 11 million square feet of space (229 soccer fields, or 200 Hobby Lobby stores).

5. St. Francis Hospital Co., Ltd. (same rate)

Number of employees in 2023: 8,200-8,300 (up from 6,400-6,500 in 2021).

This includes two major hospitals in Tulsa and hospitals in Muskogee and Vinita.

7. Oklahoma State University Main Campus in Stillwater

Number of employees in 2023: 7,200-7,300 (up from 7,000-7,100 in 2021).

OSU offers more than 300 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 200 master’s and doctoral degrees. program.

8. OU Health and the University of Oklahomama medical center

Number of employees in 2023: 7,100-7,200 (up from 5,200-5,300 in 2021).

The University of Oklahoma Medical Center in Oklahoma City is the state’s only full-service academic hospital and Oklahoma’s only Level I trauma center.

9. United States Postal Service

Number of employees in 2023: 6,800-6,900 (up from 6,700-6,800 in 2021).

There are approximately 580 post offices in Oklahoma.

10. Department of Veterans Affairs/U.S. Veterans Administration

Number of employees in 2023: 6,700-6,800 (an increase of 6,300-6,400).

In addition to VA hospitals in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has approximately 30 offices and clinics across the state.

The 14 smallest of Oklahoma’s “largest employers” are tied for last place, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Commerce.

Below are the employees tied for #1. The list includes 140 of his companies, with between 1,000 and 1,100 employees. The number of employees in each is unchanged from his 2021, or he had fewer than 1,000 employees at the time.

  • AHS Oklahoma Physicians Group LLC
  • Devon Energy Ltd.
  • oklahoma district attorney council
  • dolls brothers company
  • enid public schools
  • Farmers Insurance Underwriting Association
  • Rock Piping Supply Co., Ltd.
  • Oklahoma City Community College
  • oklahoma county office
  • Optum Service Co., Ltd.
  • Oklahoma Public Service Corporation
  • ross dresses cheap
  • University of Tulsa
  • York International Corp. (Johnson Controls)

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